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Charging an electric vehicle, does “fast charging” harm the battery?

Once the charging connector is firmly connected to the vehicle, the charging station will supply low-voltage auxiliary direct current to the vehicle’s end to activate the onboard Battery Management System (BMS). Following activation, a “handshake” occurs between the vehicle’s end and the charging station, during which they exchange essential charging parameters, such as the maximum charging demand power on the vehicle’s end and the maximum output power on the charging station’s end.

After a flawless match between both sides, the vehicle’s BMS conveys power demand information to the charging station. The charging station, in turn, adjusts its output voltage and current based on this information, commencing the formal charging process for the vehicle.

In essence, the entire process of “fast charging” for electric vehicles involves a mutual parameter matching between the vehicle’s end and the charging station, culminating in the provision of charging power by the charging station according to the vehicle’s demands. Therefore, generally speaking, “fast charging” does not typically inflict harm upon the battery.



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