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How quickly can you power up using DC EV charging?

Several elements play a role in determining the speed at which an electric vehicle (EV) charges using DC. Notably, the AC/DC converter’s placement in the charging station means that DC charging can power up an EV much quicker than AC charging.

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Various aspects influencing the DC charging speed of a vehicle encompass the battery’s existing power level, ambient weather (with colder conditions slowing down the process), the battery’s inherent charging potential, and the charger’s power delivery.

Battery’s Present Power Level: To enhance battery longevity and guarantee safe power-up, the charging pace considerably decelerates for the last fifth of the battery life. DC rapid charging can fill up an EV’s battery to four-fifths of its capacity in a relatively brief span compared to AC charging. However, the charging rate drops for the final fifth, making the duration to fully charge the battery almost equivalent to the time taken for the initial 80%.

Ambient Conditions: The location and its climatic conditions where you’re powering up your EV can influence the charging pace. Especially in colder climates, charging can be hindered since lithium-ion batteries, the type used in EVs, are particularly susceptible to cold temperatures.

Charger’s Power Delivery: The charger’s power delivery rate undeniably impacts the charging duration. For instance, a 15-minute charge can offer a range extension of anywhere from 130 km to 480 km, depending on whether the output is 100 kW or 350 kW. With a 50 kW charger, an hour’s charge can provide an added distance of approximately 278 km.

It’s also worth noting that the vehicle itself often determines the charging duration. Different cars have varying power acceptance levels. While a Tesla Model 3 might accommodate up to 250 kW, a Nissan Leaf might be limited to around 50 kW.



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