3.3kw 48V 40A OBC Air-cooled lead-acid, electric vehicles, motorcycles On board Charger

✱Input Voltage Range:AC90-264V,
✱Output Voltage:DC48V/60V/72V/84V/96V/120V/144V/170V/312V,
✱Input/Output Plug(optional),
✱Charging Indicator(optional),
✱CAN BUS or not(optional),
✱Net weight:6.2kg(13.67lb)


3.3 kW SFHC3 Series Charger

This versatile charger delivers 3.3 kW of power to efficiently charge various battery types, including lead-acid, lithium, and nickel-hydrogen.

Built to Last:

  • Fully-sealed design protects against harsh environments.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F).

Powerful and Efficient:

  • Wide AC input voltage range (90V-264V) for global compatibility.
  • High power factor (≥0.98) reduces energy waste.
  • Soft switching technology achieves efficiency of ≥93%.

Designed for Versatility:

  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications: electric vehicles, motorcycles, forklifts, golf carts, communication equipment, and more.
  • Optional CAN communication function for advanced charging control (check for compatibility with your specific battery pack).
  • Optional 12V 5A auxiliary power supply (check for availability).
  • LED light indicator provides clear charging status.

Compact and Quiet:

  • Compact size (294mm x 210mm x 111mm) for easy installation.
  • Quiet operation with noise level below 45 dB.

Product models


specifications and modelsInput Voltage RangeRated Output VoltageMax Output voltageMax Output   Current
SMHC3-4842AAC 90~264V48V66.0V42A
SMHC3-7240AAC 90~264V72V99.0V40A
SMHC3-8440AAC 90~264V84V116V40A
SMHC3-9632AAC 90~264V96V132V32A
SMHC3-14423AAC 90~264V144V198V23A
SMHC3-31210AAC 90~264V312V440V10A


Technical Parameters

Ac Input Wide Voltage,Range: AC90V~264V;

AC Input Frequency Range: 40~70Hz

With APFC function,Power Factor:≥ 0.98

Soft Switching Technology,Efficiency:≥ 93.0%

Protection Level: IP67

Operating Temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Storage Temperature:- 55 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃

CAN Communication Function (optional)

12V5A Auxiliary Power Supply (optional)

LED Light Indicator for Charging Process

Noise: ≤45 db

Overall Size: 294 ×210× 111 (mm)

Net Weight: 5.9kg


Stand-by Consumption≤ 5W
Main OutputOutput ModeCV / CC
Output Power3300W@220VAC
CV Accuracy±1%
CC Accuracy±1%
Ripple Voltage Coefficient5%
Low Voltage OutputOutput ModeConstant Voltage
Output Voltage13.8V
Rated Current5A
CV Accuracy±2%
Maximum Current5.5A±0.5A
Output Power≥ 62.5W
Ripple Voltage Coefficient1%
Communication FunctionCAN CommunicationYes
Baud Rate125Kbps、250Kbps、500Kbps
Terminal ResistanceN/A


Shape and Installation dimension

Protection Function

Overheat Protectionwhen the internal temperature of the charger exceeds 80 ℃, the charging   current will reduce automatically. When it exceeds 85 ℃, the charger   shutdown for protection. When the temperature drop, the charger automatically   resumes to charge.
Short Circuit Protectionwhen the output short circuit, the charger will automatically shut down   the output. After troubleshooting, the battery can be reconnected to resume   charging.
Battery Reverse Connection Protectionwhen the battery is reverse connected, the internal circuit of the   charger will automatically disconnect from the battery, without charging,   without damaging the charger.
 low-voltageOver-voltage ProtectionIf the input voltage is lower than 90V or higher than 264V, the charger   will shut down protectively and    automatically resume working with the voltage is  normal again.
Full Automatic ShutdownAutomatically shut down after full charge.


Output Over-current ProtectionStop the   output when exceeds + 1% of the maximum output current
C A N  communication ProtectionAutomatically   stop the output when CAN communication fails



Packaging, Transport and Storage

(1) Packing

On the packing box, there are product name, product part number, product brand, product type, production number and name of manufacturer; In packing box, along with the technical documents, it includes packing list, quality certificate, product specification.

(2) Transport

Suitable for cars, boats, aircraft, transportation. The products have to be prevented against sunshine and moisture and in a civilized transportation.

(3) Storage

Product should be stored in the packing box when it is not used and be maintained in a 5 ℃ to 40 ℃ clean, dry and well-ventilated environment. It should not be stored together with chemicals, acid and alkali substances etc,. Should avoid storing in the sun, fire, water and avoid storing with corrosive substances. The storage period is 2 years (from the inventory date of the factory). After the 2 years of storage period, the products should still comply with the provisions of the relevant standards.