3.5kw 7kw 32A Type 2 To 5m GB/T EV Charging Cable

  • 16A/32A  250V/480V Three-phase
  • Type 2 To GB/T
  • 11KW/22KW
  • Lightning protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Leakage protection
  • Over-load protection
  • Waterproof IP65(operating state)
  • OEM/ODM customized length


The EV charging cord is suited for 16A/32A charging stations in both public and home settings. It works with Type 1/Type 2 Electric Vehicles and Type 1/Type 2 Hybrid Vehicles. The cord carries an IP65 rating, ensuring its effectiveness even in conditions with water and dust. Charging outdoors isn’t an issue. Simply locate a public charger, take the EV charging cord from your vehicle’s compartment, and begin powering your car. Its user-friendly nature makes it an essential accessory.


Product  NameIEC  62196-2 Model 3 Charger
Length5m or customized length
Rated current16A/32A
Operation Volatge250V/480V
Insulation resistancemore than 500M Ohm(DC500V)
Contact resistance0.5m Ohm max
Terminal temperature riseless than 50K
Withstand voltage2000V
Mechanical lifeno-load plug in/out  more than 10000 times
Coupled insertion force45N~100N
Impact of external forcecan afford 1M drop
Operating Temperature-30~+50ºC
Case materialthermoplastic, flame retardant grade UL94 V-0
TermminalCopper alloy , silver plating
FeaturesEasy: Charge at home, at work, or anywhere with the  socket. No installation is required, just an intuitive pairing process. Plug  and charge, wherever you are;
Safe: Protecting Earthing detection;
Designed for electric cars using the IEC 62196  standard. The  precision engineering of the internal circuit board allows automatic  detection and correction of any problems during charging, including any  issues with minimal, unstable, or excessive voltage, current, frequency,  earth leakage, and temperature even during lightning and electrical storms.