DC Fast EV Charging Stations Tester 200V-1000V


What Is A EV Charger Tester?
EV charger testers are used to measure the AC and DC charging ability of an electric vehicle charging station. The tester mimics an electric vehicle that is drawing power from a charging station. The portable device can test for all AC levels along with any DC charging purposes.

The EV charging test equipment not only analyzes the station’s charging ability and accuracy, but simulates any faults that may occur when connected to an electric vehicle. Common charging faults like CP signal errors and protective conductor faults may be found within seconds through the device.

What Is EVSE Test Equipment?
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is ancillary equipment that provides power to recharge an EVs battery. With EVs being integrated into the power grid, EVSE testing becomes critical to ensure safety and correct operation. Much of electric vehicle charging involves software and communication protocols to trigger the timing of voltage and current flow to the battery. EVSE Test Equipment is used to evaluate the functionality of not only the DC charging but other performance, especially $/kWh.

Testing with EVSE test equipment ensures that charging stations meet all safety protocols and provide efficient power through any proper connection. To learn more about the many EV charger testers available at ATEC, contact one of our experienced associates who can help you find the ideal device and offer a quote at various rental rates.