Level2 16A 32A 3.5KW 7KWAC Station OLCD Screen Tesla Portable EV Charger

  • 3.5KW/7KW/11KW/22KW
  • T1/T2
  • 16A 32A 40A


16A 11kW and 32A 22kW mobile EV charging device, engineered specifically for Tesla electric cars. This mobile charger is intricately designed to cater to the charging essentials of electric car users both in their routine and journeys.

Highlighted Attributes:

Tailored for Tesla: This mobile charging unit is fine-tuned to match all Tesla vehicles, guaranteeing an effortless fit and safe, effective power delivery.

Varied Power Settings: We present two distinct power options: 16A 11kW and 32A 22kW, addressing diverse user preferences. The 16A option is perfect for regular residential charging, while the 32A choice accelerates the charging pace, especially on the go.

Compact and Mobile: Engineered for easy portability, this charger is light in weight. It snugly fits in car compartments or baggage, ensuring you’re always ready to recharge, minimizing concerns over your vehicle’s driving distance.

Emphasis on Safety: We prioritize the safety aspect of this device. Equipped with a myriad of protective features such as protection against overloading, excess current, heightened or lowered voltage, it assures steadfast safety for both your vehicle and the charging gear.

Straightforward Usage: Operating our mobile charger is intuitive. Merely plug it into your Tesla, and the refueling commences. The LED lights relay the progress, giving users an instant visual update.

Versatile Charging: Beyond just personal use, this charger also finds its place in commercial spots like parking areas, resorts, malls, and more, providing accessible power solutions to Tesla enthusiasts.

Level 2 AC Station OLCD Screen Tesla Portable EV Charger