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Troubleshooting Guide for Common DC Charging Station Faults: Quick Diagnosis, Easy Solutions!

DC charging station

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) cannot be separated from convenient and reliable charging facilities. As the main force of fast charging, DC charging stations inevitably encounter some problems during use. This article summarizes 11 types of common DC charging station faults and provides detailed troubleshooting methods to help you quickly diagnose and solve problems, and enjoy an efficient charging experience!

**Fault TypePossible CauseTroubleshooting Method**
Emergency stop displayed on the screenEmergency stop button of the charging station is pressedPress and rotate the emergency stop button as prompted (usually the red/yellow button on the side)
Charging gun cannot be Pull it out: lockedUnplugging the gun without stopping charging; Operation error, the gun head is lockedManually unlock according to the gun head unlocking method
Air switch and leakage protector trip after power onAir switch and leakage protector are too small or old; Power supply line leakageCheck the wiring and replace the air switch and leakage protector
Voltage (V) is displayed on the screen, but no current or low current (A)Phase loss of three-phase power; Loose connection of power supply lineCheck if the wiring connection is loose, if there is no problem with the wiring, contact the power supply department to check the overall wiring
No voltage (V) and no current (A) are displayed on the screenDC contactor faultReplace the DC contactor
Sudden screen blackoutCheck if the wiring is loose, tripped, if not, it is usually a fault with the auxiliary power boxReplace the auxiliary power box

This article summarizes 11 common DC charging station faults and provides detailed troubleshooting methods. By mastering these methods, users can quickly identify and solve problems, and ensure the smooth charging of electric vehicles. In addition, regular maintenance of charging stations can effectively reduce the occurrence of faults and prolong the service life of charging stations.

For further information or assistance, please contact the charging station manufacturer or a qualified electrician.

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