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What is Tesla NACS EV Charging standard?

While the prevailing charging norm in the United States is the J1772, Tesla distinguishes itself with its unique approach. They crafted their exclusive charging interface tailored for Tesla electric vehicles. On the 11th of November, 2022, Tesla unveiled its NACS standard, extending an open invitation for its universal adoption.

NACS amalgamates both AC and DC sockets. Owing to interface limitations, NACS bears a constraint: its incompatibility with tri-phase AC power. Consequently, it’s unsuitable for territories like China and Europe, where tri-phase AC power is prevalent.

The circuitry of the NACS interface mirrors that of the CCS. For automobiles initially equipped with the CCS standard interface for onboard control and detection mechanisms (OBC or BMS), there’s no imperative for reconfiguration; it remains wholly congruent. This compatibility augments the proliferation of NACS.

Naturally, there exist no barriers to communication; it seamlessly aligns with the stipulations of IEC 15118.

The zenith voltage for NACS stands at 1000V DC, accompanied by a peak current of 400A DC. For AC, it aligns harmoniously with J1772.

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